Dawn Stein launched her design career in the television industry where she clocked over eighteen years as a producer for talk and lifestyle programs. “Early on-- I got the reputation of being the producer who had the “touch” for the design segments, she says. “I was the one who produced the entertainment spots, shot the celebrity home tours, and styled the room make-overs.”

Dawn’s talents quickly elevated her to the role of executive producer for shows on networks including ABC, NBC and HBO. Her photographic eye, and reputation as a tastemaker eventually led Hearst Entertainment to select her bring the iconic pages of House Beautiful Magazine to life for A&E. “That show, and that tremendous experience was an important turning point for me,” Dawn says. “I witnessed the power that great design had in transforming the way people lived, and realized that my passion for interiors was where I wanted to focus the second half of my career.” A natural evolution occurred, and she founded her own interior design practice in 2005.

Today, Dawn’s fresh, signature style is inspired by her love for California and its impressive landscape of architecture. “We have so much beauty here, and I feel very fortunate to be able to work on homes that embrace individuality through a rich diversity of styles -- from traditional, to modern, to Mediterranean.”

Dawn’s intuitive use of color, and her natural ability to create a relaxed mix of layered luxury, has gained her a loyal following. Her design philosophy, she says --is quite simple. “I get to know my clients. A good decorator pays very close attention to detail, and that detail begins with them -- how they live, what they love, and what inspires them the very most. I measure the success of each project, not only by how much the client loves the look of the completed interior, but more importantly --by how comfortable they are living in it.”